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We’re Open!

Butterfly Family Chiropractic is open to see patients in pain, initial phases of treatment or those who wish to maintain their good health.

Research shows that Chiropractic, along with healthy eating, proper hydration, vitamin intake, exercising outdoors in a safe and responsible manner helps build up the immune system.We are available for vitamin orders and have some excellent products that will keep the immune system strong! You may call us for details. If you prefer not to pick them up, there are other options such as drop shipping to your home or bringing them out to your car if you prefer to pick them up.

Dr. Joe is available to speak over the phone If you have any questions regarding your healthcare.

We are here to take care of you and to let you know we are practicing the strictest of guidelines in our office as set forth by our healthcare organizations.

Please, if you have had above 102 fever, trouble breathing or a cough, refrain from your appointments until you are healthy.

Please be patient with us and we hope you are all safe and healthy.

Dr Joe and the staff at Butterfly Family Chiropractic are praying for your safety and health! We are all in this together and remember, each day that passes is another day closer to putting all this behind us.