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Auto Injury Treatment in Venice

Following a Car Accident, the Chiropractor will perform a thorough Consultation, as well as a full Neurological, Orthopedic and Spinal Examination. Further diagnostic testing such as X-rays or MRI’s may be prescribed, if they had not already been done prior to coming to our office.

There are many other factors as well that determine the severity of injuries and the effect on the bodies functions. During an accident there are certain circumstances to be considered such as the body's position, the emotional state of the patient, and the way the vehicle was impacted. Drs. Of Chiropractic are highly trained in diagnosing and treating injuries sustained from car accidents.

Auto Accident Patients click here for new patient paper work.



Once the Chiropractor has conclusive findings, the initial treatment will commence. The goal for the first stage of treatment is to eliminate the patient’s pain. Reduction of the swelling and spasm with gentle methods such as chiropractic activator technique and other modalities. The goal is to expedite repair of injured tissue, ligaments and muscles as well as redistribute any build of of lactic acid, which can cause additional pain.


The next goal is to correct and improve the body’s mechanics in an effort to restore the body to it’s previous state prior to the accident and injuries.

This is done with additional modalities and very specific Chiropractic treatment


Lastly, a progressive rehabilitation protocol will be administered to increase movement and body’s range of motion, and restore strength of core and smaller muscle groups which protect the spine. Strengthening of these areas will prevent chance of future flare ups of symptoms

BUTTERFLY FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC CENTER will gladly work with the patient’s attorney, providing the firm with pertinent information regarding their case. Butterfly Family Chiropractic Center will also assist in management of the case by making proper referrals to other specialists as needed.

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